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jessica29 xyz roulers

As we passed over it we wondered how the Battalion had ever marched over such ground the previous night. How many hours of worry and labour it involved does not concern us here, but what a contrast to the 2nd Battalion of two years later, which moved its home complete within a couple of hours after the receipt of orders; every one working with. A and Headquarters Company were in Moringhem itself, B and C were about a mile and a half away in Petit Difques, and D were in the little hamlet of Cuslinghem. Demobilisation increased at a great pace, and by September only 155 other ranks remained. Battalion Headquarters was in a house in the square next the grey old monasterythen used as a hospital. They did all they could to make the new soldiers comfortable. Sylvester CappelMont RougeLocreDranoutreMont Vidagne 348 Chapter.

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Officers got their men together for a little extra talk, and all ranks eagerly studied maps and aeroplane photographs, of which there was a generous supply and which showed clearly how thoroughly the artillery had prepared the way. 37 Hayes Cup 3rd Battalion. Apologies are tendered to whom they are due. They also mistook us for Bosches, possibly because of the four prisoners in front, and subjected us to rather severe machine-gun fire. Of London) Battalion, 4th London Brigade. jessica29 xyz roulers jessica29 xyz roulers

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Pargiter, of the Middlesex Regiment, who came to the Battalion on the 4th of April as second in command. The latter corps had repaired the Turkish railways and used the captured rolling stock to good purpose; other sections.E.s had exploited the wells and obtained good supplies of water in the Wadi Sheria. The night thus passed fairly quickly and every one made the best of a bad job. On the 25th, when a withdrawal was made to Contalmaison Ridge, where the Battalion remained until.0.m. In theory, loaded trucks were picked up at the Farm and hauled to the Ravine or elsewhere, there unloaded, and taken back to be ready for use next day. Cup, which they had won three times in four years.

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